Presentation Company Marita Real estate

The Marita Real estate Company Is a subsidiary of Marita Group, specializing in medium and high standard real estate. The company now carries out projects such as urban complexes, villas or secure apartments, family holiday villages, medium-standing residential parks or high-standing villa subdivisions, office spaces, commercial real estate, summer centers, etc.

The company Marita Real estate, was created in 2003, it ensures the entire chain of expertise in the real estate field:

  • The search for land tenure
  • Financial engineering & Investment
  • Real estate promotion
  • Study and realization
  • Marketing, Commercial & Communication

Presentation Marita Group

Marita Group is a global company specializing in turnkey solutions in real estate development, theme parks, renewable energy, industry and electric vehicles. Marita Group started in the cork industry. Today, the group controls the entire value chain after taking control of the second operator in the sector, an Italian company Colombin with more than 120 years of history.

The group is present on 4 continents and 9 countries. With extensive expansion, he has completed and delivered several large residential projects, resorts, stores, hotels and schools. At the same time, and in partnership with major car manufacturers, he introduced the first electric vehicle transport system for the public and private sectors in Africa.

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